Hot Tub Range

Platinum Elite

The Platinum Elite Class is an unrivalled Industry Leader in Luxury hot tubs. Platinium Elite spas use patented DirectFlow technology to control the movement and flow of the water. As well as Artesian’s unique Helix jets, it is also the world’s first six-pump hydrotherapy system. Each person has an…

Island Spas

The Island Spas are the most beautifully designed, energy efficient and highest-performing premium spas on the market. They are made by the same specialist team of craftsmen that make the prestigious Platinum Elite range. The Island Spas perform consistently at the top of its class giving a superior level of…

South Seas Spas

The South Seas Range was created to offer a prestigious introductory range. These spas have all the luxurious features and specifications associated with Artesian spas, whilst being at a more attractive price point. The South Seas range consists of Standard Class and Deluxe Class…

Garden Spas

The Garden Spa range was created from a demand for high quality spas for small spaces. This range retains Artesian’s outstanding powerful hydrotherapy technology and energy efficiency whilst also being small enough to suit smaller outdoor spaces; a terrace, or even an indoor spa room (two models have been…

The Hawaii Spa

The Hawaii hot tub allows you to customise your massage settings and features a Whirlpool Jet along with neck, shoulder and calf jets. The hot tub features LED Multicolour Lighting and Ozone water treatment providing crystal clear spa water.

Santa Cruz Spa

The SANTA CRUZ is a small spa offering all the luxury of the larger Island Spas. There is seating for 3 people, comprising 2 hydrotherapy seats and a relaxing lounger. This spa is perfect for those who do not have much space but do not want to compromise on comfort and luxury.

Quail Ridge Spa

The QUAIL RIDGE model is a space saving, five-person spa. It comes with unique design features, such as the armrests on the lounger seat and a super-massage foot and leg well in the lounging position.

Pro EP-15 Spa

This model has the same superb features as the EP-14, with the added benefit of being slightly longer, at 15 ft. This model is also available with an optional twin bench.

Premium EP-14 Spa

This model is 14 ft long with a quad swim jet system and DirectFlow™ Hydrotherapy, making it the perfect choice for varying abilities. Whilst providing strong swim currents the jets can easily be adjusted to halve the power, therefore suiting lighter swim strengths.

Power Plus EP-16 Spa

Built to professional standards, the strongest swimmer will enjoy the 16 ft Power Plus, with Hydraulic VFD Propeller Technology, creating a swim current that is perfect for swim training.

Piper Glen Spa

The PIPER GLEN was awarded the 'Consumers Digest' 'Best Buy' award in the Premium Category of spas. It has seating for seven people, 67 high-performance jets and four therapy seats.

Pelican Bay Spa

The PELICAN BAY is the largest spa within this range and offers seating for up to eight people. This spa has 69 high-volume massage jets and five therapy pumps along with a WhisperPure circulation system with a high flow pump. 'WhatSpa?' rated this model as 'Best Buy'.