Island Spas

The Island Spas are the most beautifully designed, energy efficient and highest-performing premium spas on the market. They are made by the same specialist team of craftsmen that make the prestigious Platinum Elite range. The Island Spas perform consistently at the top of its class giving a superior level of hydrotherapy with a range of 33 to 72 patented Helix™ jets*. Each spa has a hand-sculptured design that curves perfectly to fit the human body, providing total comfort, whilst at the same time delivering a powerful deep-tissue massage, leaving your mind and body in a state of total well-being.

*Helix jets have been designed in such a way that a powerful double helix spiral of water is released. This water flow will corkscrew deep into the targeted muscle, relieving tension and soothing it to aid repair.

Energy efficiency is of paramount importance to Artesian; the Island range has not only surpassed the California Energy Law but most of the market too.

There are nine superb models within this range, all offering something slightly different and unique, accommodating all tastes and needs.

Santa Cruz Spa

The SANTA CRUZ is a small spa offering all the luxury of the larger Island Spas. There is seating for 3 people, comprising 2 hydrotherapy seats and a relaxing lounger. This spa is perfect for those who do not have much space but do not want to compromise on comfort and luxury.

Nevis Spa

The NEVIS is a smaller version of the Antigua, seating 5 / 6 people.  It has been designed to fit through most exterior doors whilst still providing all the luxury and comfort of an Island spa.  This comes with either 33 or 45 jets.

Isla Margarita Spa

The ISLA MARGARITA is also a spacious family spa for up to nine people and offering a fun and sociable circular bench, which has been moulded seamlessly into the spa. The Isla Margarita has 71 jets and also features hand massage tracks to target reflexology points, rejuvenating tired hands and boosting circulation.

Grand Cayman Spa

The CRAND CAYMAN is a 7 person spa and is hugely popular for its beautiful design and high performance. It has an open seating plan that offers more versatility and comes with the option of having either 46 or 61 jets.

Grand Bahama Spa

The GRAND BAHAMA easily seats 6 people, including a lounger, offering the ultimate in comfort. Offering two versions, 45 jets or 61 jets, both featuring a unique neck collar massage system. The 61 jet version has 3 powerful therapy pumps that allow the deep tissue massage.

Captiva Spa

The CAPTIVA is a smaller version of the Grand Cayman, with a seating plan for 6 people. The Captiva is perfect for those who have space restrictions, yet want an open seated spa. Available in 33 or 52 jet versions, both with 2 therapy pumps and neck collar massage system.

Bimini Spa

The BIMINI was designed as a social spa, perfect for families or entertaining. It is huge in size, ideal for large groups. It comes with six massage seats, two loungers and a cool down seat, offering numerous hydrotherapy options. Available with 52 or 72 jets.

Barbados Spa

The BARBADOS accommodates 5 people. It comes with two loungers, facing opposite each other, therefore providing a wonderful social atmosphere, as well as giving high-performing massages, with 61 jets and 2 foot blasters.

Antigua Spa

The ANTIGUA is a smaller version of the Grand Bahama. Also a 6 seat spa, yet the dimensions are only 2.14m by 2.14m. The Antigua still provides all the luxury and high performance features of the Grand Bahama and is available in 52 and 33 jet versions.