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May 31, 2018

Another gorgeous IRIS spa installed this week in Truro.

The Iris

Size: 198 x 153 x 76cm

4 seats

27 jets

Stainless steel escutcheons – corrosion-resistant fixture covers add an elegant glimmering accent

Blue LED light – creates a calming and tranquil spa environment

ArcticPac Insulation –  using lcynene foam to retain heat, keeping the spa energy efficient and the water at a tropical temperature

Maintenance-free cabinet – synthetic cabinets weigh less than wood, yet are more resilient and durable.  Unlike wood, they will not crack, chip, warp or rot


Optional upgrades include:

Ozone – the ozone water treatment provides crystal clear spa water by killing bacteria with fewer harsh chemicals

Multi-colour lighting – saturate your spa with your favourite colours

Smart energy savings package – provides energy efficient, lcynene full foam.  This additional insulation package make the Garden Spas even more energy efficient




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