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October 6, 2018

Friday: NEVIS 45 hot tub delivered to client in Newquay

Yesterday we installed this stunning Nevis 45 spa to our clients in Newquay. They chose a striking colour combination of Oceanwave Opal shell with a dark grey cabinet.

Size: 214 x 198 x 87cm

Seating capacity: 5/6

Pumps: 2 x Therapy pumps plus 1 x 24-hr circulation pump

Heater: 3 KW

Lighting: Dynapoint 10 LED multicolour lighting system

Full Foam: Yes

Filter: 1 x 50 sq ft Pleated plus 1 x Disposable Micron

The Nevis is a smaller version of the Antigua and has been designed as a space saving spa that will fit through most exterior doors, whist still giving you all the luxury and comfort that are characteristic of the Island range.  With the option of 45 or 33 powerful massaging jets.


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