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October 6, 2018

Friday: NEVIS 45 hot tub delivered to client in Newquay

Yesterday we installed this stunning Nevis 45 spa to our clients in Newquay. They chose a striking colour combination of Oceanwave Opal shell with a dark grey cabinet.

Size: 214 x 198 x 87cm

Seating capacity: 5/6

Pumps: 2 x Therapy pumps plus 1 x 24-hr circulation pump

Heater: 3 KW

Lighting: Dynapoint 10 LED multicolour lighting system

Full Foam: Yes

Filter: 1 x 50 sq ft Pleated plus 1 x Disposable Micron

The Nevis is a smaller version of the Antigua and has been designed as a space saving spa that will fit through most exterior doors, whist still giving you all the luxury and comfort that are characteristic of the Island range. Β With the option of 45 or 33 powerful massaging jets.


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