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August 29, 2018

Today at OC Spas: delivering a 15′ TidalFit Swim Spa to Praze-an-Beeble

Jonny and Jago have spent the morning delivering a 15′ TidalFit swim spa to Praze-an-Beeble. These photos show them lowering the spa in to position. Our client can now build their pool house around it. We will be back for the second part of the installation in a few weeks.

Built to the same world-class standards in quality that Artesian Spas are famous for, the Tidal Fit Exercise Pools are in a class of their own.  The craftsmanship and stunning design of the TidalFit spas are not the only compelling aspects, they are robust, energy efficient and offer unique options to cater for each individual taste.  With five unique models, there is a TidalFit to suit everyone.  Each model features its own individual swim system, each credited with varying degrees of power and adjustability.  In addition to this, you are able to customise your TidalFit by choosing your hydrotherapy and training equipment options.  Further options include our revolutionary purification system for crystal clear water and our innovative stereos, WiFi spa control and lighting for the Ultimate Swim Spa Experience.

TidalFit Pro EP-15

Swim System: Quad Adjustable Swim Jets

Dimensions: 457 x 231 x 152cm

Water Capacity: 7,571 ltr

Dry Weight: 1,088kg

Filled Weight: 8,659kg

Insulation: Full Foam

Filtration: 24hr Circulation


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