Pelican Bay Spa

The PELICAN BAY is the largest spa within this range and offers seating for up to eight people. This spa has 69 high-volume massage jets and five therapy pumps along with a WhisperPure circulation system with a high flow pump. 'WhatSpa?' rated this model as 'Best Buy'.

  1. Specifications
    Seating Capacity 9
    Size 108 x 91 x 38 in. 274 x 231 x 96 cm
    Dry Weight 1,100 lbs 499 kg
    Filled Weight 5,685 lbs 2,579 kg
    Water Capacity 550 gal 2,082 L
    Pumps (5) 3 BHP 6.0 A 1-Spd
    Controls (5) DirectFlow™
  2. Jets
    5 in. ProHelix Direct 1
    5 in. ProHelix Massage 3
    5 in. ProHelix Roto 7
    3 in. TheraHelix Roto 49
    3 in. TheraHelix Multi-Massage 5
    2 in. AccuHelix Direct 2
    Jet Hydro Extreme 2
    Ozone/Drain Jet SS 1
    Jet Floor Sweeper 1
    Total Jets 71

    Pumps are rated at brake horse power.
    Specifications are subject to change without notice.
    Spa images have been digitally rendered and may or may not show optional features.

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