Swim Spa Range

Exercise Pools are the ultimate way to swim and work out in the comfort of your own home and TidalFit spas by Artesian are like no other swim pools on the market. Artesian have designed four unique models, each with different swim systems providing varying degrees of power to accommodate all swim strengths.

Numerous exercise equipment is available: stretch bands, rowing bars, resistant cords and even an aqua treadmill, to provide the ultimate workout!

TidalFit spas offer different hydrotherapy options, providing numerous Helix jets with their own hydrotherapy pump, driving deep into the muscle tissue. This option is the perfect addition to relax and rejuvenate sore muscles.

What’s more, with optional multicolour LED lighting, powerful sound systems and Artesian’s Crystal ProPure Ozone chamber, your TidalFit spa becomes a relaxation and entertainment hub once the exercise is over.

We now offer the new Semi-in-ground option for TidalFit swim spas. This allows you to sink the spa half way into the ground whilst still allowing access to all the equipment, offering a unique, unimposing swim spa option. 

Power Plus EP-16 Spa

Built to professional standards, the strongest swimmer will enjoy the 16 ft Power Plus, with Hydraulic VFD Propeller Technology, creating a swim current that is perfect for swim training.

Pro EP-15 Spa

This model has the same superb features as the EP-14, with the added benefit of being slightly longer, at 15 ft. This model is also available with an optional twin bench.

Premium EP-14 Spa

This model is 14 ft long with a quad swim jet system and DirectFlow™ Hydrotherapy, making it the perfect choice for varying abilities. Whilst providing strong swim currents the jets can easily be adjusted to halve the power, therefore suiting lighter swim strengths.

Active Plus EP-12 Spa

This model is 12 ft long, making it the perfect size for smaller spaces. It is fitted with dual swim jets that provide a medium current, perfectly designed for families to enjoy together.